Is there any way to implement autocomplete function in an edit text with a popup menu?

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I am creating a GUI in which the user searches for a string among other 400 strings. Is there any posibility that the user introduces the first 4 or 5 letters in the edit text and a popup menu displays all the possible matches ?
Thanks a lot!

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Ingrid on 3 Apr 2015
I have done this two years ago but it was not easy I must say. I finally used a keyPressFunction to detect which strings were typed in and then searched for this string in the cell array and then show the results in a listbox. The desired input could than be selected with the arrows and pressing enter. In my case a partial match was found i.e. can also be in the middle, does not have to start with the letters provided as this was suitable for my application but this can easily be modified.
You can download the source code from
and pick out the relevant code from there. Hope this helps you to spend less time than me. I am sorry for the comments in Dutch, but the code should be self-explantory. If you have any more question you can always contact me.

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