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C2000 Microcontroller Blockset for TMS320F2800137

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Hi, every one,
I want to generate the code for TMS320F2800137 uC via MATLAB 2023a.
In the MATLAB 2023a, C2000 Microcontroller Blockset is included in the simulink library. However, there is no any blockset for TMS320F2800137.
The C2000 Microcontroller Blockset has been attached here as,
Does anyone have an idea regarding this?
Pemendra Kumar Pardhi
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Hlaing Win
Hlaing Win on 9 May 2023
I also have upcoming project using this MCU, but it seems Matlab doesn't support it yet.

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Answers (1)

Samyuktha on 22 May 2023
Hi Pemendra,
Starting from R2023a we have a new product which provides all the capabilities of support package with additional capabilities. Please refer the page for more details : C2000 Microcontroller Blockset
Hope it helps!
naren on 29 Apr 2024
does it have support for a virtual c2000 microcontroller for simulations

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