Transformer Network Layers Creation Problem- missing toolbox?

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Hi, I am struggling with creating layers for Deep Transformer Network as my error says there is unrecognized function or variable transformerEncoderLayer.How Can I get a toolbox including this layer or is there any other way to create layers for Deep Transformer Network?

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Debraj Maji
Debraj Maji on 17 Nov 2023
I see that you are trying to create layers for a Deep Transformer Network and are getting an error that is related to an unrecognized function.
For using pre-built Transformer layers, you need to have Deep Learning Toolbox installed with MATLAB. For instructions on how to install, you can refer to the following answer:
You can also create custom Transformer layers in MATLAB from scratch as well as using predefined templates, as stated in the following documentation:
Hope that helps!

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