How to Correct Signal Waveform (may use some filter)

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Hello, I would like to ask is there a way to process below data so that, when y goes from -1 to 1 (or from 1 to -1), there are no small dips near 1 (or -1). The force applied to generate such data has squre waveform. But my data waveform is distorted.
I have tried using lowpass(), but the dips are still there. Data and figure are attached.
Manny thanks and best regards,
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Runzi Hao
Runzi Hao on 2 May 2023
Edited: Runzi Hao on 3 May 2023
Also I hope the near 1 (or near -1) signals before the dips can be increased to 1 (or -1).
The sampling rate is 1e11 Hz. Data in first column is in nanoseconds.

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Accepted Answer

Chunru on 3 May 2023
You can try to use a low pass filter.
websave("data.mat", "")
ans = '/users/mss.system.ENlxcn/data.mat'
load data
% design a low pass filter
d = designfilt("lowpassfir", PassbandFrequency=0.04, StopbandFrequency=0.12, ...
PassbandRipple=1, StopbandAttenuation=60);
x = filtfilt(d, dataAsk(:,2));
plot(dataAsk(:,1), dataAsk(:, 2))
hold on;
plot(dataAsk(:,1), x)
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Runzi Hao
Runzi Hao on 3 May 2023
Cool! It works well and thank you so much for the solution!

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