I need a code for hiding a text in an image using DCT technique

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hello, I need a code to hide a message in an image using DCT technique(Steganography).... I'm new user to use a matlab... I just only knew the basic command of matlab.... please

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Christiaan on 2 Apr 2015
Dear Max,
In MATLAB there are two ways to compute the DCT using Image Processing Toolbox™ software. From this website (where there is also an example) you can read that for implementing Steganography in MATLB the first method is to use the dct2 function. dct2 uses an FFT-based algorithm for speedy computation with large inputs. The second method is to use the DCT transform matrix, which is returned by the function dctmtx and might be more efficient for small square inputs, such as 8-by-8 or 16-by-16 .
Also you find multiple examples in the File Exchange how this can be implemented.
Good luck! Christiaan

Max M
Max M on 2 Apr 2015
Got it I do appreciate it's so helpful

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