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MATLAB Toolbox Instrument : impossible to connect a device

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I try to execute a code but some function don't work. For example, I can't connect my device because I have an error with this function icdevice('nameofdriver').
"Undefined function 'icdevice' for input arguments of type 'char' ".
I don't know how to resolve this problem ?
Thank you in advance,

Accepted Answer

Christiaan on 2 Apr 2015
Dear Sarah,
The Mathworks function icdevice is a function which comes with the 'Instrument Control Toolbox'. Please type the following in the MATLAB prompt:
>> ver
In the output you find all the toolboxes you have. If you see the toolbox 'Instrument Control Toolbox' listed, then you be able to use the function.
If you have the toolbox but still cannot use the function, please type the following in the MATLAB prompt:
>> which icdevice
If a path is found, you can try to use the MATLAB function restoredefaultpath. If this doesn't work, you have to look on your computer where the function is and restore it to the correct path. If even that doesn't work, you should reinstall MATLAB together with its Toolbox.
Good Luck! Christiaan

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