GigE Camera Connection: video acquisition with Basler GigE camera acA1600

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Hi .... I am using a Basler acA1600-60gc camera. I am getting video, when i am accessing the camera from basler supplier software, but with MatLab, i'a not able to access the video when i open video acquisition. it give me black screen and even nothing is mention below the the screen like resolution of the camera.
vid = videoinput('gige', 1, 'Mono8'); src = getselectedsource(vid); vid.FramesPerTrigger = 1; preview(vid);
and thanks.
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Ritz on 10 Mar 2016
Were you able to solve this problem with your Basler camera? I'm just curious cause I'm having the same problem now.

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sagar t
sagar t on 1 Jun 2018
Go through this Link Click Here

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