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Moving standard Deviation and Average

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how would I go about finding the moving standard deviation and moving average for every 15 rows of the SPEED COLUMN ONLY in the following matrix and display the results in another table?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Apr 2023
If you want to slide the 15 element window along an element at a time, use movmean and movstd.
If you want to move in "jumps" of 15 rows at a time, then you can either subsample the output of those functions or use blockproc in the Image Processing Toolbox. Or you can use a simple for loop:
% Compute speed over "blocks" of 15 elements
speed = t.Speed; % Get speed values from your table.
index = 1;
for k = 1 : 15 : numel(speed)
meanSpeeds(index) = mean(speed(k : k + 14));
index = index + 1;

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Cameron on 28 Apr 2023
Use movmean and movstd.

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