How to Install Matlab on WSL Ubuntu 18.04

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MS on 26 Apr 2023
Answered: cui,xingxing on 8 Nov 2023
I recently learned about the WSL platform on windows and would like to install Matlab. Is this possible?

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Daniel on 29 Apr 2023
Depending on the specifics of your setup, it should be possible, yes.
Setup: I have an Ubuntu 20.04 install (cat /etc/os-release from bash) running on WSL 2 (wsl --list --verbose from a Windows shell). My Ubuntu install is capable of running gedit and rendering it graphically, since my Windows 11 build is kind enough to come with built-in X forwarding.
Process: I downloaded the Linux installer off the website, unzipped it, and ran sudo ./install, which invokes the GUI installer, just like I would do for baremetal Linux.

cui,xingxing on 8 Nov 2023
Hi, MS:
yes,you can!
Maybe you can workaround a better solution, I wanted to use MATLAB on WSLg(Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI) back in 2021, after a year which was last year 2022, Microsoft's win10 system started to support WSLg to run matlab, see my question for the installation tutorial. Of course if you are on win11, which is fully supported.


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