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Pamela on 24 Apr 2023
May i kindly ask, How to save data from sensors on Thinkspeak, i am experiencing a problem , everytime i am readind new data to ThinkSpeak it erase the old data from previous reading, Is there a way of storing all the data on the platform?

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Pratheek on 24 Apr 2023
You can use thingSpeakWrite function
For more information visit the docmentation page-Write data to ThingSpeak channel - MATLAB thingSpeakWrite (

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 24 Apr 2023
Are you writing from a device or from an instance of MATLAB?
From a device, you should use the write data APIor MQTT publish. From MATLAB, you can use thingSpeakWrite like @Pratheek said.
Unless you explicitly clear the whole channel, no data is deleted from ThingSpeak, but the high charts on your channel view may not show it if they arent set to show more than one day of data (the default). You can use the pencil icon on the high chart to change the range of display, and you you can use the Read Data API to export the data in the range you desire. To get the most control, you can write a MATLAB visualization to display the data in your custom format.
Here is a great video series to help you understand ThingSpeak basics, or we strongly reccomend the getting started tutorial in the doc.


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