how to Counting circular objects ?

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i work on Blood cell image to detect and count Red Blood Cell i use CircularHough_Grd Function to detecting circles i want to count circles which detected from CircularHough_Grd
i think to make for loop and save the detected elements in it and count but i can't do this. my image after detection :
this code which draw circles on detected objects in image : i want to count this circles which draw????
hold on;
plot(circen(:,1), circen(:,2), 'r+');
for ii = 1 : size(circen, 1)
rectangle('Position',[circen(ii,1) - cirrad(ii), circen(ii,2) - cirrad(ii),
2*cirrad(ii), 2*cirrad(ii)],'Curvature', [1,1], 'edgecolor', 'b', 'linewidth', 1.5);
hold off;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2015
Exactly what does "save the detected elements in it" mean? Do you want to save the image with the overlays, like you can with export_fig()? Or do you want to save the variables to a text file with fprintf() or a mat file with save()? Please clarify.
I edited your post to include your image. Next time, you can do it yourself with the green and brown frame icon when you're making your question up.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Mar 2015
fprintf('The number of circles is %d.\n', size(circen, 1));

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