Putting data into in GUI table

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Adam on 26 Oct 2011
Answered: MITAKSHI NIMJE on 19 Sep 2019
I have been building a GUI using GUIDE in MatLab, and in that GUI i have a table. In the first column of the table i want 10 samples of voltage values, and in the second column i want the time and date, the voltage was measured.
So i have a cell array containing my voltages samples in the first cell, and the time and date in the second cell. The time is a string in the format 'dd-mm HH:MM:SS.
my code:
x= handles.MinVolt{1} %10 sample voltages
y= handles.MinVolt{2} %10 time samples in string format 'dd-mm HH:MM:SS'
colnames = {'Voltage','Time'};
with this line i can put the voltage samples in the firs column
How can i put the time samples in the second column of the table?

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Jayesh Kavathe
Jayesh Kavathe on 26 Oct 2011
This response wont help you but what the * coincidence. Right now I have a GUI Table question drafted with exactly same title. Weird. Need to change the title now :)

Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 26 Oct 2011
You combine the data first and then set the data for the tabel.
or directly
Adam on 27 Oct 2011
I am getting this error when i try your stuff:
CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.
Error in ==> GUI>MaxMin_Table_CellEditCallback at 408
Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 27 Oct 2011
Looks like x and y are not the same size. You need to make sure of it first. The point of the answer is that you set the complete data of the uitable, not set the data column by column.

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upasana singh
upasana singh on 2 Dec 2017
I want to connect my GUI with dataset folder , so please anyone tell me how I can do this

Ka Mirul
Ka Mirul on 25 Nov 2018
I found the solution step by step : here
"Filling GUI Table Data [MATLAB GUI Tutorial"

MITAKSHI NIMJE on 19 Sep 2019
I have a .xls file. I want to process data row wise in matlab gui.Can somebody help me.
for eg-
parameters given are date, time, height,volume, etc.
if i want to display average of the given parameters from date-21/6/19 time 0.30 to 21/6/19 ,8.00.

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