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How to plot 2d curves one after the other ?

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Gaétan Andriano
Gaétan Andriano on 17 Apr 2023
Answered: Animesh on 11 May 2023
I found this curves in a scientific paper and I would like to do the same thing. How can I plot my curves like this example ?
Reference : B. Pier & P.J. Schmid (2017) Linear and nonlinear dynamics of pulsatile channel flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 815, 435–480
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Frederic Rudawski
Frederic Rudawski on 17 Apr 2023
I would guess this was done with tikz in LaTeX. If you want to reproduce that with Matlab, you might have to draw all the coordinate axes yourself using plot3. I would start with the last plot and going backwards, so the plot in front are actually on top.

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Answers (1)

Animesh on 11 May 2023
Hi Gaétan Andriano,
I understand that you want to create a single plot by stacking multiple 2D plots in order to highlight the changes in the plot when certain control parameter is changed.
To accomplish something similar, MATLAB has an inbuilt function called ‘plot3’, where in you can plot multiple 2D data at specific 3rd dimension values which can be according to the control parameter.
For more information on this, please consider having a look at the following links:
  3. Plot3 documentation:
I hope this helps.


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