Delta PLC to Thingspeak Interfacing

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Hello everyone. I am new user to thingspeak. I want to share data between my DELTA DVP EX2 PLC and thingspeak channel. Can anyone help me out with the ways of communication and harware needed for the application.

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 17 Apr 2023
Edited: Christopher Stapels on 18 Apr 2023
If your PLC has an internet conntection, you can use the HTTP Rest API for write data or you can write with MQTT publish via the broker at
If not, you can use a low cost internet capable microprocessor board to communicate the PLC data to ThingSpeak. I might suggest and arduino nano 33 iot, or ESP32. You can program them in C to read data from the PLC via i2c, serial, or SPI then write to ThingSpeak. A word of caution that the data rate allowed at ThingSpeak is reletively low compared to typical PLC speeds. You may want to consider preprocessing on your device to reduce the throghput.
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Manichelvan Sureshkumar
Manichelvan Sureshkumar on 18 Apr 2023
Thank you very much Sir. Will try this let you Sir.

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