How can I Deploy Thingspeak?

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Inés Saavedra Villafruela
I have created a hardware device with ESP32 that gathers agricultural Data and sends it to a React Native App for the user to see the values and check when its optimal to irrigate. I want to deploy the system but I am not sure how to deploy Thingspeak and assign each user their individual data. Should I use a global channel deployed? Any ideas? Thank you.
Inés Saavedra Villafruela
Hello. The plan is to have different esp32 for each "farmer". Since we want to deploy the system so that each user only sees on the App the information from their device, how would that work? Do you think a channel endpoint is the best option for us? If so, how woul it be done?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 7 Apr 2023
Each device should have its own channel. You can use the method I described above if you want the device to create a channel, or you can preprogram the devices with the channel info, but this does become difficult if you need to upgrade or make other changes.
Im not sure what information you are looking for with your question about how to deploy. You can keep a list of channels and have the React app query the channel list (which you can store in ThingSpeak) and then use that information to decide what to show to user x. ThingSpeak has a lot of flexibility, so there are probably a lot of different ways to configure your app. You can also use the built in MATLAB to do advanced analytics on the user data.


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