Setting x axis to 8 hours

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John Lamport
John Lamport on 31 Mar 2023
I'm using the chart field for temperature display and I want to show the readings over the last 8 hours. I sample my reading every 15 minutes. I've adjusted the timescale. average and medium settings and they all show my data bunched up at the end of the chart, the time scale on the x-axis shows a month of data. on the x-axis it has from Feb 20 to Mar 20. here's what it looks like:
How do I set it for the last 8 hours?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 7 Apr 2023
I would consider creating a custon MATLAB visualization where you can fix the x axis use xlim( [ begin end]). Alternatively, you can use the charts API to make a chart with a set time range using srtart and end. I think the chart will autoscale to your data though.


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