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How to display large matrix

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Akinyemi on 31 Mar 2023
Answered: Jack on 31 Mar 2023
I generate a 100 by 100 matrix I want to display the whole matrix on the screen By displaying the rows and columns in the form 1 2 3 .... 100

Answers (1)

Jack on 31 Mar 2023
To display the entire 100 by 100 matrix on the screen with row and column indices in MATLAB, you can use the disp function to display the matrix and a nested loop to iterate through the rows and columns and print the corresponding indices at each iteration. Here's an example code snippet:
% generate a 100x100 matrix filled with zeros
matrix = zeros(100);
% display the matrix with row and column indices
for i = 1:size(matrix, 1)
for j = 1:size(matrix, 2)
% print the row and column indices followed by the value
fprintf('%d ', matrix(i,j));


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