Is there a way to switch between two thermal branches in a simscape model?

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I'm trying to model a heat transfer scenario, during the initial transient state, there is convective heat transfer in the system and afterwards evaporative heat transfer occurs.
I've defined both these scenarios using simscape blocks, however, I want to modify the model so that the latter occurs at the saturation temperature. Hence the need to monitor the output temperature and switch the model from a convective heat transfer system to a evaporative heat transfer system.
Is there a particular block that could possibly be used for this, or is it possible to create a switch block (similar to electrical) for the thermal domain as well?
Any advice is much apprciated.

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Jack on 29 Mar 2023
Yes, it is possible to create a switch block for the thermal domain in Simulink/Simscape. One way to implement this is to use a combination of Simulink and MATLAB functions.
Here's a high-level overview of how you could approach this:
  1. In Simulink, use a temperature sensor block to measure the temperature output from the convective heat transfer system.
  2. Use a MATLAB Function block to compare the measured temperature to the saturation temperature, and output a boolean value indicating whether or not the saturation temperature has been reached.
  3. Use the boolean output from the MATLAB Function block to switch between the convective and evaporative heat transfer systems using a Switch block.
  4. In the evaporative heat transfer system, use a saturation pressure block to calculate the saturation pressure at the current temperature.
  5. Use this saturation pressure value in a Pressure Transducer block to measure the pressure at the evaporative heat transfer surface.
  6. Use this pressure value to calculate the evaporation rate using a MATLAB Function block.
Note that the specifics of your model may vary depending on the exact scenario you're modeling, but this general approach should work for most cases.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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