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Define global variables for MATLAB function usage within Simulink for Embedded Code

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I'm trying to create a global variable in my Simulink model, that will be visible within all MATLAB function blocks. I used the Simulink.Signal class with all properties defined. Inside the function, the 'global varName' is included, as well as variable is defined as Data Store Memory. The following error occurs:
Found unsupported global datainitialization class dor global variable 'varName'
Code generation does not supportimporting handle classes from MATLAB
As Simulink.Signal is handle class, I assume i can't use it to generate code from model to run in on HW.
Is there a way to define one, let's say Data Dictionary, to store all variables that I will use within all submodel of my main model and define which are global? I do not want to define them every time I create a new submodel and i want to enable visibility of variables within the MATLAB functions, without putting them as input every time (what I normally practise).
I also tried to use enum class, and that approach is visible in MATLAB functions, but sometimes there is a need to define two parameters of the same value (I would like to use structures instead of enums). Next problem occurs while using same 'Multiplier' field in 2 enums with different names. Simulink cannot generate code while using this approach.
classdef CurrentProtectionThresholds < int16
Multiplier (100)
DischargeWarningThr (-1000)
DischargeErrorThr (-1200)
ChargeWarningThr (250)
ChargeErrorThr (300)
ImmunityLow (-50)
ImmunityHigh (50)
Thanks for help.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 30 Mar 2023
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Grzegorz Diaczek
Grzegorz Diaczek on 30 Mar 2023
Hello Mark,
I was following the Simulink.Signal approach and I'm quite sure I covered all steps. But here, there was no problem with no global variable inside the function, but the error about not supported code generation of Simulink.Signal variable. As I mentioned, I want to use this model to generate C code and deploy it on my HW (ESP32). MATLAB function block is being used within the Stateflow Chart. Regarding the Data Store Memory option, I have multiple variables used in my model and i do not want to initialize every new using Simulink Blocks. Also, I want to use one variable file within all my models, as my main model is based on 10 submodels.

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