Running Simulink Online on Selfhosted Docker MATLAB Online Instance

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Hello, I'm currently running MATLAB on my server along with JupyterLab using jupyter-matlab-proxy based on Docker.
This extension allows us to integrate MATLAB with JupyterLab and also allows us to use selfhosted instance of MATLAB Online if needed.
All features of MATLAB Online wors very well just as locally installed MATLAB desktop application.
However, as I try to run Simulink Online and create a Blank Model on it, it gives me a following error:
Unable to run the 'fevalJSON' function because it calls the 'open_system' function, which is not supported for MATLAB Online. To use this function, use an installed version of MATLAB on your computer.
As far as I know, MATLAB already provides Simulink Online service on their official server instance.
I do installed Simulink and many other toolboxes required for running Simulink on my container image.
Is is not supported on user-created docker image (Which installs MATLAB by MATLAB Package Manager, MPM) or am I doing something wrong?
I'd really appreciate if I can run a selfhosted Simulink Server.
Thank you.

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Jack on 27 Mar 2023
Unfortunately, Simulink Online is not currently supported in MATLAB Online, even if you have installed Simulink and other required toolboxes on your Docker image.
Simulink Online is a separate service provided by MathWorks, and it requires a separate license and infrastructure to run. It is not currently available for self-hosting, and can only be accessed through MathWorks' official servers.
In order to use Simulink, you will need to either use a locally installed version of MATLAB that includes Simulink support, or connect to a remote server that has Simulink installed and can run simulations for you. Alternatively, you could consider using other simulation tools that are available for online use and do not require a locally installed version of MATLAB or Simulink.
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Dongho Kim
Dongho Kim on 27 Mar 2023
Thank you very much for the answer. There was no way at the first point.
I'd rather look for building GUI-based MATLAB (VNC, XRDP, or Sunshine) container later on.
Thank you again.

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