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I have generated C code using embedded coder but few files are missing in the folder e.g. math.h

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I have generted C code of SOC estimation models, using embedded coder in simulink. When I am trying to execute the C code, I am facing issues showing files are missing. For example, in the code there is a line calling math.h, but it showing math.h file missing. There are so mmany files missing as such.
I found a video showing checklisting a zip folder option in the embedded coder which helps us in a way that all the converted files will be saved under one zip folder so that files wont go missing. Can you please help in fixing this issue.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 25 Mar 2023
Use the "Package code and artifacts" configuration open to run the PackNGo tool that will identify all needed source and header files and zip up for you.
If you are on Windows, you can also chose a System Target file that will generate a Vis Studio .sln file. This Vis Studio project will have all proper include and source file paths.

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