How to open matlab project (.proj) in the background using -batch command from bash?

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I have a matlab .proj file that is responsible for setting up all necessary file paths/references, basically the entire environment, when someone from the team checks out the matlab repository. I am trying to make some bash functions that call certain tools in the project, but I want them to run in the background. I am familiar with the -batch command which enables me to run .m files, but I can't run these scripts without opening the project, which opens a matlab window.
Is there a way I can open the project in the background (no window) from bash?
Here is what I have in a bash script currently, which successfully runs the GenerateReport tool, but also opens up a matlab window showing the project.
matlab -batch "open myProject.proj; GenerateReport"

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 25 Mar 2023


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