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2 Different GUI needs the same inputs

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Fabio on 20 Mar 2023
Commented: Rik on 21 Mar 2023
Hello, i have opened 2 different Matlab IDES that runs separately the same program, i need to start 2 equal programs in matlab that have 2 identical GUI interface, but i need them to read the same keyboards inputs and they do not, they only read it when i click on the GUI, is there a solution ?
chrisw23 on 21 Mar 2023
2 Matlab IDE's connected via NamedPipes can share data either on the same local machine or via network. Each GUI detects the keyboard input an sends a message to the other. The NamedPipe connection can be optional so that GUI instances may run independent, but the Srv/Client role has to be set (i.e. UserOption).
I set up a package with a Srv and a Client class. (example constructor code fragment)
function obj = PipeServer(pipeName)
import System.IO.Pipes.*
import WinNetIO.NamedPipes.*
obj.PipeName = pipeName;
obj.pipeServerStream = NamedPipeServerStream(...
pipeName, ...
PipeDirection.InOut, ...
function obj = PipeClient(pipeName,pipeServer)
pipeName string
pipeServer string = "." % for local computer
import System.IO.Pipes.*
import WinNetIO.NamedPipes.*
% PipeName and Server
obj.PipeName = pipeName;
obj.PipeServerName = pipeServer;
% client pipeStream object is opened in InOut mode
obj.pipeClientStream = System.IO.Pipes.NamedPipeClientStream(...
Rik on 21 Mar 2023
@chrisw23 This looks like an answer to me, especially if you slightly expand your post.

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Answers (1)

Rik on 20 Mar 2023
There is no general solution to do this, because the two instances of Matlab are separate.
If Matlab were able to do this, it could function as a key logger.
A workaround would be to have the active GUI write the key presses to a file, which the non-active GUI can then read with a listener.


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