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OFDM channel estimation using MMSE and measurements

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I have implemented an OFDM communication system in Matlab. I use the 802.11ac preamble for estimating the channel using the least square estimator. However I would like to implement the MMSE too. I need to estimate the channel conducting real measurements. From what I have read so fare, the MMSE requires prior channel knowledge. Would it be possible to perform channel estimation using MMSE using real measurements?

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Prathyusha Appalla
Prathyusha Appalla on 15 Mar 2023
I understand that you have already implemented OFDM channel estimation using LS estimator and now want to implement the same in using MMSE estimator. Besides analytical calculations, MMSE estimator can also be computed numerically by first generating a set of training data, i.e., channel vectors and observations, from conditional channel model or through a long-term collection of measurements. Later an optimization algorithm can be used to compute a function the empirical squared estimation error.
Following are some of the links which may help you to implement OFDM channel estimation using MMSE estimator.

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