dot indexing in a function handle

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Geovane Gomes
Geovane Gomes on 10 Mar 2023
Commented: Rik on 10 Mar 2023
Hi all,
Is it possible to use dot indexing in a function handle? Or at least ignore an output?
Please look at the code below.
format shortG
P = 100;
vel = 1.5066e+03;
omegab = 0;
L = 30480;
E = 200000;
I = 1.6253e6;
b = 2438;
h = 20;
A = b * h;
rho = 7.8E-9;
jmax = 5;
varMean = [P vel];
varStd = abs([0.15 0.15] .* varMean);
varDist = ["normal","normal"];
g = @(X) 1.76 - beamUnderMovingLoad(X(1),X(2),L,E,I,omegab,rho,A,jmax);
inputs = struct('means', varMean, 'stds', varStd, 'dists', varDist, 'g_func', g, 'N', 10000);
output = monteCarloSimulation(inputs)
It runs properly when the function 'beamUnderMovingLoad()' has only one output, but Id like to select the output in the 'g' function.
Trust all clear!

Accepted Answer

Rik on 10 Mar 2023
Edited: Rik on 10 Mar 2023
You will have to write a wrapper that can select an output for you. There is no built-in functionality to do so.
Some like this should work:
function out=output_selector(fun,k,varargin)
% Select the k-th output variable given some input.
% The first input should be a function handle. Any inputs required for the
% function can provided as extra arguments.
out = cell(1,k);
out = out{end};

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