how to load files which are listed in a cell array

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hello everyone,
I am doing aerodynamic computations. The blade i'm workin on is composed of several airfoils.
The airfoils data are contained into excel files. I have a total of 50 files.
However, i am trying to load each file for each section of the blade using for loop but i did not succeed.
I used the method given here:
Hence, i have the names of the files but i did not succeed to load each of the files.
Here the error i get:
>> names = dir('C:\........\BEMT_\airfoil_properties_*.xlsx');
>> filenames={};
>> filenames(3)
ans =
>> M=xlsread(filenames(3));
Error using xlsread (line 121)
File name must be a string.
Could you help me please ?
Best Regards

Accepted Answer

Rik on 3 Mar 2023
Edited: Rik on 3 Mar 2023
The filenames variable is a cell array, so you need {} to index the contents:
But it is better to use the struct returned by dir directly, as it allows you to include the path:
Rik on 4 Mar 2023
Just make sure to mention it next time (you can even put it in the release field when you ask a new question).
You need to use the same path you put in the dir call. I don't know a way to parse any wildcards for the folders.

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