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how can I save the output data of each run in new row ?

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how can I save the output data of each run in new row ? I used append but it just overwrites the old values

Accepted Answer

DUY Nguyen
DUY Nguyen on 2 Mar 2023
You can initialize an empty matrix with the desired number of rows and columns, and then use indexing to add each set of output data as a new row.
Here's an example:
% Initialize empty matrix to store output data
output_data = [];
% Loop through each run
for i = 1:num_runs
% Run some code to generate output
output = my_function(input_data);
% Append output data to matrix as a new row
output_data = [output_data; output];
% Save output data to a file
save('output_data.mat', 'output_data');

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Sivapriya Srinivasan
Sivapriya Srinivasan on 2 Mar 2023
To save the output data of each run in a new row when append overwrites the old values
This can be done depending on the input data available.
  1. The number of runs are known:
MATLAB’s dynamic array functionality to create an empty matrix and append output from each run as a new row using an iterator thus it avoids the overwriting problem.
  1. The number of runs are unknown:
Then we can use a while loop instead of a for loop to keep iterating until a condition is met and may use a break statement to come out of the loop.
Hope this helps!


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