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How to plot the Unit Step response of a transfer function?

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I would like to kindly ask how do I plot the Unit Step response, when given the transfer function.
For instance C = any simple transfer function
How would I plot the Unit Step response of this Transfer Function on any given axes
Many thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

DUY Nguyen
DUY Nguyen on 2 Mar 2023
%Hope this could help you!
% Define the transfer function
num = [10 120 660 2280 4730 4600 1600];
den = [1 14 113 628 2379 6350 11115 9800 3200];
sys = tf(num, den);
% Plot the unit step response
% Add title and axis labels
title('Unit Step Response');
xlabel('Time (seconds)');
% Customize the axis
xlim([0 10]); % set x-axis limits
ylim([0 1.2]); % set x-axis limits
grid on; % add grid lines
Thanh Thuy Duyen Nguyen
Thanh Thuy Duyen Nguyen on 22 Apr 2024
if I plot 2 step response function how could I assign color to each plot?

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