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Set different colors of FormalTable header labels

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In a Report I have a table containing the value of 3 ratios, each one for right and left side, and I would like the "R" hader to be red, and the "L" one to be blue, but setting the Header.Style I can only define one color. Is there the possibility to define two different colors?
RLtableHeaderStyles = {Bold(true),Color('red','blue')};
FRRt.Header.Style = [FRRt.Header.Style, RLtableHeaderStyles];

Accepted Answer

Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal on 10 Feb 2023
Hi Marco,
Yes, you can customize individual entries in the table header, as shown below:
headerLabels = ["R","L"];
FRRt = FormalTable(headerLabels,FRRdata);
% Specify table header to be bold
tableHeader = FRRt.Header;
tableHeader.Style = [tableHeader.Style, {Bold(true)}];
% Specify header's first entry to be red
entry11 = tableHeader.entry(1,1);
entry11.Style = [entry11.Style, {Color("red")}];
% Specify header's second entry to be blue
entry12 = tableHeader.entry(1,2);
entry12.Style = [entry12.Style, {Color("blue")}];

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