3D ploting stl or cad file from fusion360 to matlab

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Hello all, i want to import STL or CAD file that i created using fusion360.
eventually I want to 3D plot on a figure the object and make it rotate according to euler angles or quaternions
I couldnt find example or answer in the form that i could implement and that work.
I'll be greatful for any help :)

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Aritra on 3 Feb 2023
As per my understanding you aretrying to import a STL/CAD file in MATLAB and make the 3D model rotate as per Euler angles/quaternions.
To import a STL file in MATLAB you can make use of the importGeometry(geometryfile) function. The importGeometry function helps to import geometry from STL/STEP file. You can also refer to the below documentation to learn more about how to STL File Import.
Next to rotate a 3D figure you can make use of the rotate(g,theta) function. The rotate function rotates the geometry g about the z axis by an angle theta. Similarly, you can use the quatrotate(q,r) function to rotate a initial vector r by a quaternion q.
The below code snippet shows how to import a STL file in MATLAB and rotate it by an angle of 45 degrees using the rotate function.
gm = importGeometry("Torus.stl");
rotate(gm , 45);
For more details you can refer to the below MATLAB documentation on importGeometry and rotate function:
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Eyal Sasson
Eyal Sasson on 3 Feb 2023
Edited: Eyal Sasson on 3 Feb 2023
when I try the first part of the code with my stl file:
gm = importGeometry("mystl.stl");
I get this error:
Error using pde.DiscreteGeometry
Failed to create geometry. The stl file is invalid, more than two facets share an edge.
Error in importGeometry (line 53)
gm = pde.DiscreteGeometry(geofilename);
Error in myproject (line 12)
gm = importGeometry("mystl.stl");
The obejct I created the stl from is a component which have multiple bodies that is not connected to each other, but I want to to be plotted the whole thing as one rigid body. any ideas how to make the function treat it as one rigid body?

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