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how to pick 25th % and 75th% number of data from 200x200 matrix

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I want tick only the data which occur on 25% and 75% of the data and subtract the value of the data wihich occur on 25% from the data which occur on 75% and save it in another array. like in the excel sheet i just do it manually.

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Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 2 Feb 2023
Edited: Arif Hoq on 2 Feb 2023
a=randi(100,200,200); % your data matrix(200 x 200)
data25=a(25,:)/100; % percentage
data75=a(75,:)/100; % percentage
Or if you don't want to calculate without percentage
Adil Sardar
Adil Sardar on 2 Feb 2023
Thank you for your time but in your code you take the percentage of the 25th number I need the code which select the data on 25% of the total data, like 25% of 200 is 50 so I need the data which is on 50th number. same like for 75%, 75% of 200 is 150 select the data which is on 150th number. then subtract the 150th number data from 50th number..

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