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How can I implement an RF circuit and measure S-parameters using MATLAB?

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The figure above is the circuit diagram of the bandpass filter and the resulting S-parameter data.
The design of the above filter can be checked at the link below.
I would like to implement the above circuit using matlab code or simulink and plot the S-parameters (S11, S21).
I have never used simulink, so it is difficult to implement, so I want to implement it using matlab code. Is it possible to find the equivalent circuit of the above circuit and then find the s-parameter?
Or is it possible to obtain the s-parameter after designing the circuit in the same way, or is it possible to do both?
And thank you for telling me how.

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Prathyusha Appalla
Prathyusha Appalla on 13 Feb 2023
I understand that you are trying to identify S-parameters for an RF cirucit. Referring the following information might be of good help to you.
Using Simulink:
Using Simulink, the purpose can be achieved hassle-free. The s-parameter of a Chebyshev filter can be measured by connecting the Chebyshev filter block to S-Parameter Testbench block in Simulink.
Refer to this documentation page for further reference: Measure S-Parameter Data of Chebyshev Filter - MATLAB & Simulink (
In order to design a chebyshev filter cheby1() MATLAB function can be used. For more information refer to the following documentation link:
The S-parameters of a Chebyshev filter can be measured by sparametersreferring to the following documentation link:
Additionally, to design any RF circuit, The RF Design and Analysis Tool can be used which provides the ability to,
  • Create and import circuits.
  • Set circuit parameters.
  • Analyse circuits.
  • Display circuit S-parameters in tabular form and on X-Y plots, polar plots, and Smith-charts.
  • Export circuit data to the MATLAB workspace and to data files.
Refer to the following documentation link for more information: The RF Design and Analysis Tool - MATLAB & Simulink (


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