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How to check real-time data generated by simulink in C++

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Is there a way to check the real-time data generated by simulink in a C++ program or C# program?
First of all, I want to create a simulink dll and check it in a C++ program.
It is impossible to check in real time using communication such as TCP.
Since I am new to simulink, I am not sure how to approach to check data in real time using dll. Any help would be appreciated.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 2 Feb 2023
External mode sounds like wha tyou are looking for. See this description of external mode using the TI C2000 Hardare Support Package.
If there is a support package for your processor, you are all set. If not, you'll have to write your own support package to obtain External Mode or use MathWorks Consulting Services to develop a support package for you.




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