Trying to export data from .mat file to excel

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Faisal on 30 Jan 2023
Commented: Aritra on 31 Jan 2023
Greetings all,
I have a large data set in .mat file (18 columns and more then 4 million rows), the data consists of numbers, dates, characters and NaN cells,
my code is as follows,
fn=fieldnames(data); %get all variable names
assert(numel(fn)==1); %assert there is only one variable in your mat, otherwise raise error
firstdiff = data.(fn{1}); %get the first variable
xlswrite('File.xlsx', firstdiff); %write it%Z
i get an error of
(Error using xlswrite (line 170)
Input data must be a numeric, cell, or logical array.)
Appreciate your support

Answers (1)

Aritra on 30 Jan 2023
As per my understanding you are trying to export the data from a .mat file to an excel. However, the .mat file contains fields with ‘NAN’ values which results in the following error:
(Error using xlswrite (line 170)
Input data must be a numeric, cell, or logical array.)
Excel fails to interpret the NaNs in a numberic matrix.
To write a matrix with NaNs to an Excel file, the NaN values must be explicitly written as strings like 'NaN'. To achieve the same, you can convert your data matrix to a cell and replace all NaNs with 'NaN' before writing to Excel as shown below:
A = load(<filename.mat>);
B = num2cell(A);
B(isnan(A)) ={'NaN'};
Faisal on 31 Jan 2023
Thank you Arita,
I tried to use the same code that you wrote, however, the error below pops up
Check for incorrect argument data type or missing argument in call to function 'isnan'.
Appreciate your support
Aritra on 31 Jan 2023
Can you please share your .mat file?

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