How can I use a user define function (.m file) as the prob.objective

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I have create .m file function called wear_cal.m with 2 arguments dz1 and dz2. Both are defined in optimvar.
Now I want to minimizae the wear for optimized dz1 and dz2 using my own algorithm to get the value wear without direct expression.
The code is look like this,
prob = optimproblem("Description","B-Spline fit profile")
% Create variables
dz1 = optimvar('dz1','LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',5)
dz2 = optimvar('dz2','LowerBound',0,'UpperBound',5)
wear = wear_cal(dz1,dz2)
prob.Objective = wear;
The error is on how I can express prob.Objective = wear correctly. Please advise
Best regards,
Panya K

Answers (1)

Rik on 25 Jan 2023
From what I can tell reading the documentation, the easiest way would be to use the fcn2optimexpr function.

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