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Creating a new table with the same time value from 2 different tables

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I have table t1 and t2 (attached) with the different sizes which has two columns (time,number). I want to create a new table if the time of table t1 and t2 are the same, and for the number, I want to have t2(number)+t1(number) with the coincided time.
Can someone help me?

Accepted Answer

BA on 19 Jan 2023
t1 = readtable('t1.xlsx'); %read table t1
t2 = readtable('t2.xlsx'); %read table t2
new_table = innerjoin(t1, t2, 'Keys', 'Var1'); %conduct an innerjoin with key var1
new_table.sum = new_table.Var2_t1 + new_table.Var2_t2; %add the two variables together
This is going to create a fourth variable in the table called sum. That is the var1+var2

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