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Running MATLAB on a different source code editor

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Is it possible to run MATLAB on a different source code editor like VS code?
MATLAB has a really old legacy environment and the "dark mode" they offer on the desktop version is really not cutting it. I saw a post about a year ago where they said they were working on dark mode and I'm not too sure what's taking so long. You can change the color of everything except the bar at the top with all the options but it looks absolutely disgusting using that.
If it was possible, I want to use a different source code editor that also accepts the MATLAB language and I was wondering if it was possible. I know I can just copy paste my code into a different source code editor but it won't have the syntax highlighting that you can get with Python. I also like the Live Viewer option with VS Code but I'm not sure if that would include implementation for MATLAB.
Basically asking if anyone has tried moving away from the native MATLAB platform and trying a different source code editor but using this language and how they did it.

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Aditya Jha
Aditya Jha on 16 Jan 2023
Please refer to the following documentation to change desktop colours in MATLAB:
They are many extensions available in visual studio marketplace that provides language support for MATLAB.
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BA on 19 Jan 2023
Thanks for the VS code links. As I stated though, the color editor sucks. You can change everything except that bar at the top so it looks really ugly and makes the situation worse. I've been using MATLAB without it.

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