How to generate 6 cycle or 10 cycle hanning modulated tone burst excitation

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I have been trying to generate a hanning window modulated tone burst excitation with a centre frequency of 100 KHz and with 6 or 10 cycles as shown in the picture. Once generated I want to use this as an input excitation to my transducer.
Please let me know how can i acheive this?

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 11 Jan 2023
try this
all the best
fsin = 100e3; % sine freq
Fs = 100*fsin; % sampling freq
dt = 1/Fs;
duration = 0.2e-3; % signal duration in seconds
samples = ceil(duration*Fs);;
t = dt*(0:samples-1);
offset = dt*(samples/2); % to center the gaussian envelope
a = 200*Fs; % increase or decrease a to change number of periods
signal = sin(2*pi*fsin*t).*exp(-a*(t-offset).^2);

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