finding the average from csv file

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I have several csv file and each file has several columns with the name of ''x'', "y", "u", "v", "exx" like that. I want to read exx from each csv file and find the average of each. For example if I have 10 csv file then I will have 10 columns of exx so I want to find the average of ecah exx column so that at the end I will have 10 values of exx. Now I want to plot the average.
I am doing something like this but it shows concatanation error. can you please help me to figure out.
mat = dir(fullfile(Folder, '*.csv'));
% disp(mat)
% for files_i = 1:length(mat)
% disp(mat(files_i).name)
% data = fullfile(Folder,mat(files_i).name);
% ReadCSV(data,files_i);
% end
uall = [];
for files_i = 1:length(mat)
data = fullfile(Folder,mat(files_i).name);
x = readtable(data);
exxall =[exxall x.exx];
Any help will be appriciated!

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 10 Jan 2023
There are some mistakes with your code, but the core elements are all there.
  • create exxall as an empty array. You currently create an unused variable, uall
  • You csv files do not all have the same length, so you will get an error when trying to concatenate them. Create exxall as the mean of x.exx to get around this.
mat = dir(fullfile(Folder, '*.csv'));
exxall = [];
for files_i = 1:length(mat)
data = fullfile(mat(files_i).folder,mat(files_i).name);
x = readtable(data);
exxall =[exxall mean(x.exx)];
exxall = 1×10
0 0.0192 0.0212 0.0084 0.0052 0.0224 0.0176 0.0113 0.0073 0.0270
Raushan on 19 Jan 2023
Thank you so much for showing me another method too. I really appreciate this.

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