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Variable size arrays for code generation

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Matthias Kreuzer
Matthias Kreuzer on 10 Jan 2023
Answered: Mark McBroom on 14 Jan 2023
I am trying to generate c++ code with matlab coder and encounter a problem. I have implemented a CNN from scratch and thus my output variable 'a' changes its size after every layer/after every call of process_layer:
a = process_layer(a, layer).
Even though I declared coder.varsize('a') beforehand I get the error message: ' ?? Left hand side of the assignment has fewer dimensions than the right hand side: [:? x :?] cannot be assigned from [:? x :? x:?]. It seems like the coder expects the number of elements in each dimensions to change but not the number of dimensions. For example 'a' can be be two-dimensional and the output of process_layer is three-dimensional.
Can you help?

Answers (1)

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 14 Jan 2023
Try first declaring a to be a 3-D matrix before declaring varsize:
a = zeros(2,2,2);
a= process_layer(a,layer)




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