How to detect if passed handle is a handle to an App Designer Application

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I have a function which I'm calling from multiple other functions that takes in a Handle to an object, and then returns the properties of that object in a struct to make a copy of it's properties (e.g. the data for a graph in a figure) for later reference in case the handle becomes invalid. Some of these objects may contain large sets of data, and may take a long time to process. The handle it is passed could be almost any object, but if it is a handle to a Figure, a UI Figure, or an App Designer application, I want to be able to use a progress bar.
If it's a handle to a figure or UI figure, it's easy enough for me to check its class and use the appropriate progress bar with the figure. If it's a handle to an App, however, I have to use the underlying top level UIFigure for the progressbar. The issue is, using class on the App handle returns the name of the App. I intend on making multiple apps that could be referenced, so I don't want to have to keep manually updating the function with each new App I create. Not to mention, I may want to share the code with people / create an internal library where others may have their own Apps with arbitrary names - so it needs to know it's an "App" without knowing what names the App might have. There's no isApp function or equivalent that I'm aware of. I also can't just assume that if it has a UIFigure as a top-level child that it is an App (there are a few odd situations where this may not be the case).
So, the ultimate question here is, how do I test a handle to verify that it is a handle to an App Designer Application?

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Captain Karnage
Captain Karnage on 4 Jan 2023
Edited: Captain Karnage on 4 Jan 2023
I just accidentally found out the answer to my own question when troubleshooting a different problem. The following isa command works:
isa(myApp, 'matlab.apps.AppBase')
It was kind of tricky to figure this out as most of the time class will output something like this that I can use. It doesn't do this in the case of a user made class or App - it returns the name of the custom class or app instead. However, I realized after seeing an error message with matlab.apps.AppBase in it meant the App must be a subclass of the superclass matlab.apps.AppBase, I checked the code in App Designer, and sure enough, every App starts with a line like this:
classdef myApp < matlab.apps.AppBase
I felt a little silly that the answer was that easy to find (if I knew where to look), but this confirms that all Apps are subclasses of matlab.apps.AppBase and therefore you can reliably use that with isa to check if it is an App.

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 4 Jan 2023
Edited: Kevin Holly on 4 Jan 2023
Should return 'Properties that correspond to app components' if it is an app.
where the input "app" in the above function is the handle of the app.


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