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How To Input Duty Ratio into Pulse Generator

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I am new to using MATLAB and as compared to Plexim I realised it is not as straight forward to input the duty ratio/cycle into the pulse generator in Matlab. I need to input a duty ratio of 0.5 with a frequency of 50kHz. In the Parameters section all I get is the Amplitude, Period, Phase Width, Phase delay and Pulse type. Where do I input my stated values?

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Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer
Dr Narayanaswamy P R Iyer on 17 Dec 2022
Enter period as 20e-6 Seconds and pulse width as 50.

Input duty ratio compared to sawtooth wave gives variable pulse generator output

Anupam Agarwal
Anupam Agarwal on 19 Dec 2022
The pulse width is your duty cycle. If you need duty cycle of 0.5 then input 50 in the pulse width% part.

Vasco Lenzi
Vasco Lenzi on 19 Dec 2022
I would like to provide an alternative block: since 2020b we ship a new PWM block in Simulink under "Discontinuities".
This block accept Duty Cycle as an input signal, with values between 0 and 1. The block you are using now will only generate static PWM at a fix duty cycle, with no possibilities to vary the Duty Cycle.
The PWM block will then be more useful if you are planning to use closed loop simulations with controllers. Additionally it is implemented to be very effiecient implementation for the solver.
See below an example of parametrization:


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