Simulink Real-Time kernel bricking Windows 10

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I am running Matlab 2022b on a Windows 10 (x64) machine.
I had to add the Simulink Real-Time Toolbox as it was required to work on a project I've been assigned.
I also installed the real time kernel when prompted through the command window using the sldrtkernel -install command
When restarting my computer, as requested by the installation process, I'm greeted by the infamous blue screen of death and my computer won't even boot into Windows anymore.
The error code I'm presented with is: DRIVER-VERIFIER-DMA-VIOLATION
I've tried all the repair and restore options available, both in Windows boot manager, command prompt and EUFI/BIOS.
This has now happened twice and it's stopping me from completing my work.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 8 Dec 2022
Hi Federico,
please try to disable Hyper-V if enabled. Here's how to do it. Also please don't forget to disable Memory Integrity (which also uses the hypervisor), as suggested in the additional answer. If this does not help, you should probably contact the technical support.
Good Luck, Jan




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