Wrong shadow of road surface when exporting from RoadRunner to Unreal Engine

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When I export a road from RoadRunner to UnrealEngine, the road surface had some wrong shadow.
For example, if I change weather to Night in UnrealEngine, there will be a number of strange shadow on the road.
How can I avoid this issue?

Answers (1)

cui,xingxing on 20 Oct 2023
It is not recommended that you import the RoadRunner Scene into the Unreal Engine simulation, the recommended practice is to export to an FBX file and load it directly into the Simulink/Simulation 3D Scene Configuration simulation, which is applicable in R2023b and later versions.
The Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block now provides the option to simulate custom scenes built in RoadRunner. Use the Scene source parameter to specify the source of scene as RoadRunner. Then, in the Project parameter, specify the Filmbox (.fbx) file corresponding to the desired RoadRunner scene. You can obtain the Filmbox (.fbx) file by exporting the scene from RoadRunner.
For an example on how to import a RoadRunner scene in to Unreal Engine® simulation environment, see Import RoadRunner Scene into Unreal Engine Using Simulink.




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