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Why do I get "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values" error when using "angle" function?

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Hey guys, does anyone know whats wrong.
I already have my line code working. But once I run it on appdesigner.
It display "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values".
Can you guys help me pls

Answers (2)

Fifteen12 on 2 Dec 2022
Without seeing your code it's impossible to answer your question, but try outputing all your variables to the terminal, it's easy to have a mistake. To make it easier, try debugging your script by placing a breakpoint early in your code and stepping through it. You can check each variable as you go, it's probably an honest mistake.

Star Strider
Star Strider on 2 Dec 2022
You have a variable named ‘angle’ somewhere in your workspace. If you run:
which angle -all
/MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/elfun/angle.m /MATLAB/toolbox/ident/ident/@iddata/angle.m % iddata method /MATLAB/toolbox/nnet/deep/@dlarray/angle.m % dlarray method /MATLAB/toolbox/parallel/gpu/@gpuArray/angle.m % gpuArray method /MATLAB/toolbox/parallel/parallel/@codistributed/angle.m % codistributed method /MATLAB/toolbox/symbolic/symbolic/@sym/angle.m % sym method
the results should be similar to these.
If you have a variable called ‘angle’
angle = pi;
which angle -all
angle is a variable. /MATLAB/toolbox/ident/ident/@iddata/angle.m % Shadowed iddata method /MATLAB/toolbox/nnet/deep/@dlarray/angle.m % Shadowed dlarray method /MATLAB/toolbox/parallel/gpu/@gpuArray/angle.m % Shadowed gpuArray method /MATLAB/toolbox/parallel/parallel/@codistributed/angle.m % Shadowed codistributed method /MATLAB/toolbox/symbolic/symbolic/@sym/angle.m % Shadowed sym method /MATLAB/toolbox/matlab/elfun/angle.m % Shadowed
the results should demonstrate that as well.
The solution is to rename the variable to something that does not overshadow any MATLAB function.

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