Cannot control View Up Vector in Simulink 3D animation viewer

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I am trying to control the viewpoint position and angle within a 3D animation in simulink. I can position the view and control where it is pointing using the orientation and position inputs, but the view up axis is not parallel to the earth. In other words, I am pointing at the object I want to, but sometimes the view is skewed or even sideways.
I notice this behavior when manually navigating around the simulation with the buttons on the lower toolbar. Is there an input that allows for the view up vector to be controlled?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 2 Dec 2022
Hi Brendan,
please try the Straghten Up button. It is available either as an item in the Navigation menu, a button on the taskbar (third from the left), or F9 hotkey.
Good Luck, Jan
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Brendan Moran
Brendan Moran on 2 Dec 2022
Thanks Jan. Unfortunately I am trying to drive this via simulation parameters and not manual user inputs. I cannot find a function available that is similar to the Straighten Up button as an input.
The straighten up button also changes the pointing angle of the view/ camera, which I don't want. I only want to change the rotation of the camera, if that makes sense.

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