How to apply a voronoi on regions rather than centroids

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Hi there,
I have some miroscopy images of particles that are already segmented to a mask . Now i want to go iteratively through all particles to find all its neighbours and their closest distance (see attached image 2).
I know that i could identify all particle centroids with regionprobs and then do a voronoi construction on the centroids to find all neighboring centroids and the distance from centroid to centroid, but I'm after the distance between the perimeters not the centers.
Is there any function that I could use? Basically doing a voronoi starting at the perimeters of the particles NOT their centers to identify which particles are adjasent to each other? If i have this information, I could use pdist to find the minium distance between the perimeters of a pair of particles..
thanks a lot for help
Best wishes

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Nov 2022
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Hannes Frey
Hannes Frey on 23 Nov 2022
This is exaclty what I'm after. Thanks so much! This is great

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