Can "imregcorr" perform image registration on 3-D RGB images?

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Hello MathWorks Community!
On the following page, it is said that "imregcorr" can be used to register 3-D RGB images:
However, there is no mention of this on the page for "imregcorr". When I try to register 3-D RGB images using the function, the command window displays an error saying that I have the wrong input dimensions.
Has anyone been able to get 3-D image registration working with "imregcorr"? For reference, my MATLAB version is 2022a. I am currently updating to 2022b, which contains the neat sounding "imregmoment" function.
Best regards,

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Aritra on 21 Nov 2022
Hi Benjamin,
The imregcorr function is used for estimating geometric transformations for 2D images. However, you can use the imregtform function for estimating the geometric transformation for registering 3D RGB images.
For detail, please see this MathWorks documentation below for more information on image registrations:
Benjamin Hezrony
Benjamin Hezrony on 29 Nov 2022
Hi Aritra,
Thank you! That leaves the question, what is the following webpage referring to when it says that “imregcorr” can be used on 3-D RGB images?
Might it be an upcoming feature?
Regards, Ben
Aritra on 16 Feb 2023
Hi Benjamin,
3D-RGB images means RGB images. In the Medical Image Registration page, wherever support for RGB images is to be specified, it is mentioned as 3-D RGB images. And wherever support for volumes is to be specified, it is mentioned as 3-D intensity volume. This helps in proper differentiation between the two terms. The imregcorr function can be used for both grayscale and RGB images.
For more details you can refer to the Input Arguments section of the imregcorr function.

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