How to save/load current MATLAB workspace in .mat file from app designer

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I am develping a GUI that loads the necessary variables and inputs in MATLAB workspace and then runs a simulink model.
When everything is loaded with the assign function, I would like to save the current workspace with those variables, tables, etc from MATLAB workspace in a .mat file , equivalent to:
%% from MATLAB
So this was my approach:
%% properties (Access = private)
%% function SAVEButtonPushed(app, event)
name_file = inputdlg("Save as");
if isempty(name_file)
And to load similarly...However, when this is commanded by the App I have the following error message:
Warning: Unable to save App Designer app object. Save not supported for matlab.apps.AppBase objects.
Because it tries to save the App workspace instead of MATLAB workspace...Any idea about how can I define a .mat file to SAVE / LOAD easily?

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Voss on 17 Nov 2022
Edited: Voss on 17 Nov 2022
To save your MATLAB (i.e., base) workspace to a mat file from within an app:
evalin('base',['save(''' name_file '.mat'');']);
However, you may consider saving just the variables you need from the app workspace, which would avoid the use of assignin and evalin. For instance, you can use whos to get a struct of information about every variable, then remove those variables (e.g., the app object itself) from the struct that you don't want to save, and save the remaining ones.
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Anoy Chowdhury
Anoy Chowdhury on 18 Nov 2022
Thanks a lot! It did not really work but the idea helped me to find this one:
evalin('base',char(strcat({'save '},name_file)))

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