Extract/read data from a matrix of a specific column that starts from a specific row and reads the rest of the rows below it

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Hello, I have a matrix of data I imported from excel via the readmatrix() function and I want to extract a variable, lets say the time, but the first 11 rows are data that are not related to the time data. So I want to do something like: time = matrix(11:, 1). Essentially, a column vector that reads from a matrix, starting at row 11 but reads the entire rest of the data in the column. Sorry, this may be a beginner question. Any help is much appreciated!

Answers (1)

Voss on 14 Nov 2022
You've almost got it already.
To include row 11:
time = matrix(11:end,1);
To exclude row 11:
time = matrix(12:end,1);

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